Thursday, May 21, 2009

Summer is HERE!!!

Yes! Summer is FINALLY here! Ahh. Today was a great day, full of dance recitals, beautiful weather-so much so I drove with my windows down all day, laid out with two good friends, and watched my all time favorite show. Yes that's right, the premier of So You Think You Can Dance was tonight! New York and Denver, did not see anyone I was really rooting for like I did when I watched Kherrington audition last season. I did love Natalie, the girl who was Katee's roommate and almost made it to the top 20 last season, and one guy from Brooklyn that was an amazing tap dancer. I'm excited for next week when they go to the South (although they didn't come to Texas and I certainly don't consider Florida "the south"). Another piece of exciting news is that SYTYCD is continuing in the fall this year! Whooohooo! They are holding more auditions this summer, but I've already checked, no Texas.

Hannah and I, being the very artsy and musically inclined nerds that we are, fell in love with another show tonight. We watched the season premier of Glee. It is a show about a high school Glee club who are the underfunded underdogs of the school, and basically every show is a musical! It was pretty funny and the music and voices were great! Here's a clip from it. First of all, I LOVE this song! Second of all, love the voices. Enjoy :) I am heading out to Austin tomorrow to see Grace graduate from UT! Go Longhorns!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The little things in Little Village

I love waking up on Sunday mornings. As I pull into the parking lot on Hickory, I jump out of my car, walk briskly across the street, into the church, and down a few little steps to round the corner and be greeted by sweet little faces.

"Hey Seth! What's up buddy?"
"Miss Christa, are you going to be at home group today?"
"Oh not today Seth, but next time."
With a little pouting face, "Ok...but I wanna play transformers!"
"Well I bet the other girls that will be there today will play transformers with you."

I walk into my room and greet Miss Jen as our cute little friends start scurrying down the hallway and into our room. Our girls walk in ready to color, our boys greet us with, "Can you build me some armor?" As I get down on the floor to play, Neveah comes to me and sweetly sits in my lap giggling as I protect her with my invisible shield from Tristan's bubble gum blaster he makes every week. Thirty minutes later we are picking up our toys and lining up to go next door and worship. As we walk into the blue room, little Olivia runs into my arms to give me a big hug. "Are ya'll ready to sing Boom-chaka-laka?" "YEAH!!" As the music turns on and everyone stands up ready to dance and sing. As we sit down, Gabe comes to sit in my lap as I tie his shoe and we listen to Miss Kourtney tell us about how God is in Charge of Everything. After I hear them say sweet little prayers, we line back up and walk quietly back to our purple room. "Can I help pass out snack?" asks Brady. As I hand him paper towels and scoop out goldfish while Miss Jen pours water, I get answers full of excitement and wonder as I ask questions about our story, and Beau stops to listen quietly at the door. "What is God in charge of?" "EVERYTHING!!" "Even our mommies and daddies?" "Yes, Miss Christa, everything!" As they finish eating and clean up their snack, we play silly games and laugh as we do our craft. "Can I pass out stickers?" asks Tristan. As Miss Jen hands him the stickers, we laugh to each other as we watch our little helper who always intently watches us, go to each child, and before he gives them their sticker asks, "What is God in charge of?" And will not give it to them until they answer. As mommies and daddies arrive at the door, I get hugs goodbye and remind them to get their papers. As Jen and I clean after everyone leaves, we laugh about the funny things we heard them say and walk out the door tired, yet peaceful because our kids are so great. This is why I love sunday mornings. The little things in Little Village, because I love my kids so much!