Tuesday, August 26, 2008

First day of class

So today was my first day of class. it was good...i stress out from the time i get the syllabus to the end of the semester. the day im really dreading is thursday. i go to school for 11 hours straight with absolutely no break. ugggh!!!! but, it beats not having class monday, wednesday, and friday. so i guess i'll take that! today i had spanish class (which i love it's one of my most favorite classes!) and then a social work class. my sw class is going to be difficult. and it has a lab!!! why does social work need a lab class?? i dont know. but this is the first year they've done it so we'll see how it goes. i have a lot of projects...stuff i'll eventually be doing in real life as a social worker. i have to video meeting with a "client." i have to give them a proper assesment and all that, i have to for real interview an elderly and give a social history report of their entire life which might be really interesting. stuff like that. nothing with kids though :( but its still good practice. the class will be difficult but good. spanish was great. my professor is from mexico and spoke absolutely no english the entire class (he is fluent in english though people) but i understood and what i didnt i looked up and learned. that will also be difficult but good seeing as though one of my goals is to be fluent in spanish. so...that was pretty much my day!

oh wait...i worked this morning and had a little boy that go so mad he just decided to pee all over the floor. but i still enjoy my job even days like today :)

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