Monday, October 20, 2008

He got me flowers :)

So for those of you that know i'm going through recovery right now, we started our inventory last week. and inventory sucks. inventory means you go back and fearfully search your heart in the areas of abuse, sexual immorality, guilt and shame, resentment, and fear and anxiety (so pretty much everything). we have to write down in narrative form everything that we've done wrong in that area, what people have done wrong to us, and how we responded. so needless to say, i had a really tough week and this continues for the next month. well i talked to Lanny on saturday and he told me to look out for something that may make my day. i was like ok you're being weird. my roommate hannah called about an hour later and said that our apartment called and said there was a package for me but they close at 4 so i had to get it before then. i was like i didnt order anything, that's weird. so i waited around till about 3:55 and walked down to the office as they seriously were walking out the door with keys in their hands to lock it. i told them i had a package, and they said, "A package or flowers?" I was like no i dont think flowers, no one would send me flowers. I told them my apartment number and they said, "Yeah, flowers. Here you go." i just kept thinking wow this is weird. Lanny's not here who else would send me some random flowers? so when i got to my apartment, i opened the note, and lo and behold guess who they were from? Lanny! All the way from Kazakhstan! i was so excited-they were my favorite, daises of course, and it was just perfect timing! they're sitting in my room, bringing me joy every day! He's pretty good huh ;)


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I'm so glad! I think Lanny's can be quite thoughtful sometimes. :)