Sunday, October 12, 2008

So You Think You Can Dance! (said in a brittish accent) favorite tv show only comes on in the takes normal dancers, the best choreographers in every style of dance, put it together and you get this awesome show...So You Think You Can Dance! it's like american idol, just alot better and it's dancing instead of singing. (i think it would be alot more difficult...but im a little biased). so the top ten dancers from the show go on a national tour together...and of course, they had to come to dallas and of course, i HAD to go see them! so friday night at nokia theater, me and lacey went and saw our favorite dancers. it was bliss for me-just like one massive dance recital, except sad day i didnt get to be a part of it. it was actually one of the first "recitals" i've ever watched and never been a part of, kind of weird. so i took some videos of my favorite dances that they performed from the season. the first one is a contemporary routine by mia michaels, danced by katee and josh, two of my favorites (and josh represents texas so well). The second one is of my favorite girl (who shouldn't have been kicked off before Comfort, but i'm not bitter) Kherrington and second place winner Twitch. This is another Mia Michael's routine and was probably my second favorite of the season. The song is Dreaming with a Broken Heart by John Mayer. Now, Lanny and I LOVE J-May, and this song happens to be one of our favorites. Her creativity in this is insane-i love it.
And lastly, i wish this video would have turned out better. this was my favorite dance of the season, Bleeding Love by Leona Lewis. Tabitha and Napolean choreagraphed this lyrical hip hop dance. I seriously could watch this dance like 100 times in a row and never get tired of it. Chelsea and Mark do such an awesome job. Because of the lights in this one it is hard to see unfortunately, but you can still get the jist somewhat. I would've just focused it on the big screen, but i was too enthralled watching it i wasnt even looking at my camera. If you've never seen it, youtube it. Chelsea plays a wife (or daughter) who is mad at her husband (or dad) because he keeps leaving her for his job. it's awesome. the show was so great all together. maybe in a year and half when i graduate-i'll audition. probably wouldn't even make it past the first round, but it would be cool to try. so...enjoy everyone! And get hooked next season ;)

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