Sunday, October 5, 2008

Oh the things kids do...

On sunday mornings i serve in Little Village-the kindergarten class. This morning me and the 2 other teachers, Josh and Jen, only had one little boy named Gabriel. He's quite the character...a little on the nerdy side, and totally believes that he is a super hero. This morning he came walking in with a superman shirt, but it had a g instead of an s on it. We have this cubby hole in the room that has a door on it, and the kids always want to get in there and hide. We never let them, but since Gabriel was the only one, we didn't care. I was turned talking to Jen when all of i sudden i hear the cubby door open and Josh say, "Where are your pants?" I turned and looked and there stood goofy Gabriel, with his super g shirt on and shorts. His reply, "I'm not in my underwear, i'm wearing shorts. Superheroes can't wear pants." Jen and i were rolling at this point. Josh replied with, "This is not a wardrobe change. Put your pants back on. Superheroes do have to wear pants. Look at me, Miss Christa, and Miss Jen. We're all superheroes and we're all wearing pants. Get back in the cubby and put your pants on." So reluctantly, he did. Oh my gosh i could NOT stop laughing the rest of the morning. I'm still laughing about it right now. If only you knew this child, it would make the story all the more better. I hope that put a smile on your face. I'm sure between Little Village, Stretch-N-Grow, and dance i will have plenty more stories to share.

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